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*runs over and snuggles you* (You must pass this on to the next 10 people on your dash)

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          “But I’m more independent now. It’s nice. Trust me when I say this, Doctor, my life has really gotten better.”


          [ Martha gives a small, sad smile. Yes, times had been pretty bad
            and many tears  had been shed on the TARDIS. But she had been
            over that — well, for the most part, anyway. She then proceeds to
            whack him in the arm. ]

                                    “There, that’s for everything. Let’s start over, okay?”


       { He winces. Wow. That really hurt. She really
         had an arm on her, that Martha Jones. Ow.
         He deserved that. Granted, he could never
         make up for the Year, or all of that pain.
         This was a start. }

       ”—Fine then. A reset button. Well—partial reset. Kind-of. Yeah, y’know, let’s—let’s just start over. Sounds good to me. Now, c’mere.

        { With that, he pulls Martha close.
          Ten gives her a little squeeze in the
          embrace, making it a real, proper hug.
 His voice drips with gratitude and
          sincerity. }

"—I’m sorry, Martha Jones. For anything and everything I will do, or have done. And—thank you.”

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The Doctor and Rose in Series 2 

requested by thechippedmask.

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I would like to do a head count. Please reblog if you are an active RPer on tumblr.

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Is it weird that the Doctor Who fandom worships the hair of a forty year old

what do you mean i deserve to be worshipped

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How am I doing as my character, and how can I improve?

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*runs over and snuggles you* (You must pass this on to the next 10 people on your dash)

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