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Of Timelords and Tirans


Tiran nodded to Ten’s words and kept quiet as the Queen focused on the charts in silence.

Minutes passed by, the silence thick enough to cut with a knife until;” What would you need to stop this plot?” The Queen looked to the pair.

"Well, Your Majesty, we would need a place to work, and hang these charts for study. Access to resources would help too. Oh and a carpenter to fix the man’s house that the Doctor wrecked." Tiran’s grin was utterly criminal.

       ”Okay, that was the monster who wrecked it, not me!” Ten replied angrily. “—But. Yes, your highness, that will be all. Thank you for giving us a bit of your time.”

       He turned to the gnome. “Now, could ya let us go?”

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The Pressing Need For Sleep And The Sad Lack of Caring About It // RP with arosenamedtyler


Rose’s smile broadened as she listened to the Doctor speak.  ”After what you told me when we were with Sarah Jane, I figured you wanted nothing to do with me… at least, nothing past a traveling friend,” she said, looking down at their now entwined fingers.

Rose attempted to think of where they were going today, but she really had no idea.  ”I dunno… you never did take me to Barcelona,” she said honestly.  But she didn’t want to work on guessing.  She wanted to continue the chat on them, but it appeared that the Doctor was too uncomfortable with the conversation to keep it going.

       ”Oh, no, no! I—It just hurt, so much. But—” He put his hand on her cheek. “Believe me, Rose, you’ve never been just a travelin’ friend. And neither was Sarah. Everyone’s important to me. But—You’re important in a different way.” Was that a good way of saying it? That he was in love with her? He couldn’t get out the words. Maybe that’d do. He let go of her face, and hand, and got up with a little skip.

       ”Funny you should ask. ‘Cause, that was exactly where I was plannin’! Surprise! We’re finally goin’ to Barcelona! Not that you need to. I mean, Barcelonian puppy, right here!” Ten jokingly gestured to himself, moving away from Rose.

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"Like a teleporter? Damn that’s awesome!"

      “Why, thank you!”

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Osgood was bullied relentlessly in high school. She did her best to brush off the snickers and whispering that was obviously directed at her whenever she opened her mouth and struggled through an answer, what with her stutter and all, but it was hard to ignore. One of her lowest moments from school, one she tries to talk about as little as possible, came after a fight with her family. Going to school, she felt absolutely terrible, just barely holding back the tears. She never fought with her family; she was a quiet, perfectly behaved student. What was there to fight about? That’s probably why it had shaken her so badly. And it seemed the other kids had noticed, calling her out for it with mock stutters.

"What’s wrong, freak?"

"Did wheezy have a bad day?"

"Do you n-n-need a h-h-hug?"

And, though she always did such a good job not crying in front of them, she burst into tears, running out of the class. She hid in the bathroom for the rest of the day and even hesitated going home. That was the first time she ever felt like she couldn’t seek an escape from her hellish school life at home. It was also one of the few times she really considered running away. 

Kate sat with her back against the bathroom wall, hugging her knees to her chest. She was shaking with sobs even now, though the incident in class had happened much earlier in the day. When she heard someone coming, Kate was surprised, though she supposed she shouldn’t’ve been; it was a school bathroom, for god’s sake.

Looking down at her feet, she just hoped they wouldn’t continue the teasing that had started all this. But instead of insults there came a quiet, almost kind voice. “Kate? Mr. Smith sent me in to check on you. He wants to see you.” 

Kate almost wasn’t surprised; the Doctor was one of the few people who looked out for her here, of course he’d noticed she was missing from class. But that still didn’t mean she was prepared to let him see her cry. She was a mess right now, he was going to think she was pathetic. 

"T-thanks… B-but tell h-him I’m f-fine, that th-there’s no n-need to worry." The girl gave her a skeptical look, but nodded. You usually didn’t want to argue with the person who you walked in on sobbing, it was only polite. So, she left. 

       Ten questioned her. “—So, what’d she say?”

       ”She said she’s fine,” the ginger replied, and added in a low voice, “—But trust me, she’s not. You see, she was… viciously bullied today. And… She ran into there, crying. She hasn’t left since… Oh, since first period. I heard her parents yelling at her earlier on the way to school, when she got out of the family car. No wonder.”

       The Doctor grew a bit angry. “—And did you try to help?”

Ashamed, the girl replied, “—All I could do was tell off the jerks who made her cry as she ran out of the room. They laughed at me. And, I could do this, of course. I’m—” She sighed. “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. I wish I could do more.”

        “—You tried,” He replied solemnly. “Well, thanks. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a young lady to drag out of a restroom. Could you watch the exit for a moment?”

        “B-But, Mr. Smith—!”

        “Nope. Going in. See you later. Bye!”

        With that, he walked in, and heard some stifled sobs. In a gentle voice, he inquired, “—Kate?”


        “—Kate, it’s all right. I’m—I’ve got some tea in my room. How about we talk over a cuppa?”

        The silence was almost deafening. “—Kate. I’m not leavin’ this room until you get out of that stall, or so help me.”

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Well, someone was cranky. He couldn’t help but grin.


“Traveling. Wanted to clear my…mind, I guess. Why? Was someone worried?”

       ”—A little, yeah.”

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When You Wish Upon A Star
Julie Andrews — PLAYED 3,353 TIMES
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