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//I love it when people look at him like “What is WRONG with you??”


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when ur in public and someone mentions dr who


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Tenth Doctor + Licking Things | Requested by galacticgallifrey

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inspired by x x x etc.

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//When I saw that episode I laughed for like a good three minutes. Rose’s face made that scene.

// i KNOW and another GREAT Ten moment is from “Love and Monsters”, where Ten tells the Absorbalov (essentially): “I don’t know this guy. Feel free to absorb his face. I don’t care.” And Elton, the monster, aND ROSE ALL GIVE HIM THE BEST /LOOK/

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//oh gosh Ten you cutie with terrible manners <3

// Never forget the jam debacle in “Fear Her”.

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☼ [Reacts to being handed a plastic telephone by a child]


    This certainly wasn’t a normal occurrence.

    The young girl before him insisted that the telephone had a Martian princess on the other end (even though Mars hadn’t had a princess since the Lunar Festival of the 14th Epoch), and that he had to answer. Deadly serious, he took the device and replied:

     ”—‘Ello? Oh! Yes, Princess Martiania. Yes. Hi! It’s The Doctor. I heard from young Lizbeth here—Y’know, ambassador of Earth—Yeah, yes, her—That you needed to talk. …Oh, yes. Yes, you do. Okay. Well, I’ll be sure to let her know that. Thanks. May the sands flow your way!”

     With that, he hung up, “pressing” a button and handing the phone back to the child. “Thank you, sweetheart! You just saved Mars from sure destruction. All she needed was to know that you were doin’ better after your little fall from the swingset. I told her that you’re fine.”

     Lizbeth, green eyes sparkling, took the phone and thanked him with a hug. This took him by surprise! But, of course, his expression softened as he returned the embrace. "—Thanks again, sweetheart."

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♫ dances

        Throwing himself all about the place, Rose can’t help but chuckle at The Doctor, who is making an utter fool of himself!

        “What th’ 'ell d’you think you’re doin’, Doctor?” She laughs, standing at the side as the music blared on.

        Truth be told, he does have a decent sense of rhythm, but he was joking around! So, he goes back to the Console, and switches it over to some swing. He then turns to Rose, and holds out his hand to her.

         ”May I?”

         She grins. “What d’ya think?”

With that, the two of them begin to swing dance, his awkward shuffling being replaced with sure, true movements. In reality, he’s a bit of an expert. After dips and twirls and overturned arm-flips, he spins Rose, catching her in his arms as he finally answers her with a cheeky little smile. “—I’m dancin’, Rose.”

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